Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Hi, everyone!! I haven't posted anything for a long long time. I'm really sorry. But this time I will actually post 2 texts (in Portuguese... I'm sorry once again). I wrote these 2 texts in class today, for this one subject called Área de Projecto. It's quite interesting in deed. ^^ We can do lots of different stuff during lessons. This first text is about Hello Kitty. (n.n)v

Hoje em dia vemo-nos rodeados de produtos da Hello Kitty. Pareceu-me que seria interessante descobrirmos qual a sua origem.
Hello Kitty (ハローキティ em japonês, dito HaröKiti) é uma personagem da empresa Sanrio e a primeira a ser criada. É uma gata branca sem boca feita à figura do homem que usa um laço ou uma flor na orelha esquerda. Tem uma irmã gémea, de nome Mimmy, e um namorado chamado Daniel.
A personagem foi criada pelo designer Ikuko Shimizu, em 1974, mas este deixou a empresa um ano mais tarde, havendo necessidade de passar o projecto da gata branca para um segundo designer, Setsuko Yonekubo, que o assumiu durante cinco anos. Actualmente, é Yuko Yamaguchi que está à frente do projecto.
A Hello Kitty apareceu originalmente em artigos de pequenas dimensões como material escolar e porta-moedas como alvo para raparigas jovens.
A personagem recebeu um nome inglês devido à forte influência da cultura britânica e norte-americana que eram, e continuam a ser, muito populares entre os adolescentes japoneses. O nome Kitty foi inspirado no nome do gato que Alice criava no livro Do Outro Lado do Espelho de Lewis Carroll. O namorado, Daniel, foi criado em 1999 e o seu criador foi inspirado no personagem do mesmo nome interpretado por Mark Lester, no filme Melody.
O mundo de Hello Kitty inclui vários amigos e familiares como a sua gata, Charmmy Kitty, criada à sua imagem, mas com mais parecenças de gato, e o seu hammster, Sugar. Ambos os animais foram presentes, sendo a primeira uma prenda do seu pai George e a segunda do seu namorado.
Alguns dos amigos da Hello Kitty são Badtz-Maru,
Charmmy Kitty , Chi Chai Monchan, Chibimaru, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, Deery-Lou, Dokidoki Yummychums, Keroppi, Kuririn, Kuromi, Landry, Little Twin Stars, Minna No Tabo, Monkichi, My Melody, Pandapple, Pekkle, Pochacco, Purin, Shinkansen, Spottie Dottie, Sugarbunnies, Sweet Coron, Tenorikuma, U*SA*HA*NA.
No princípio, a Hello Kitty era feita de uma única maneira, sentada de frente para nós, mas com toda a sua popularização, foi necessário criar novas poses.


Thursday, 10 April 2008

"May the eastern winds bring you love"

Today, after reading shoujo for almost 3 hours I led myself to an important conclusion that is...I've been feeling quite down lately. That's the true thing.

By the way, one of the shoujo, it's not shoujo actually, it's jôsei, I was reading today was Tramps Like Us. I love it and the way Momo behaves towards Sumire makes me want to have a "pet" just like him. Instead, I came home and hugged my cat (I almost suffocated it haha...) and also kissed it on that soft, grey fur it has. Thank god it was in a good mood and it actually missed me, since I went on a school trip, otherwise it would have scratched me instead of kissing (licking) me. haha ^^ kawaii

I was supposed to go to the Zoo today, but it was so cold and it was rainy and cloudy so, we went shopping... -.-' It's so similar!!! Ain't it? (I'm being ironic... Just to make sure everyone understands.) It wasn't that of a good day. I thought I was going to meet someone but in the end, that person couldn't show up. Was I disappointed? Probably, but I have already disappointed her so many times. It was my turn now to get disappointed with myself. I guess we shouldn't expect anything from others. We should just give not expecting to receive. Right? That way we wouldn't get disappointed. In the end, I had lots of time to read some shoujo on the bus. That was the good part of the all trip. And also watching Hana-Kimi in the morning. haha Thanks for the time, Alex ^^

I'm concerned about this one friend of mine but I can't actually write about it in here n.n

Now, should I say Mafra is an amazing place? A beautiful palace and convent? I should but to be honest, I didn't like it because it was so cold in there and I was so tired. I couldn't enjoy a single second of the visit. I wish I was in some other place now.

Listening to:
  • David Fonseca - Hold Still
  • David Fonseca - Superstars

P.S.: If you think you're the kind of guy I have described above (just like Honey and Clover's Takemoto ahahah) leave me a comment xD Just kidding ^^

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I'm leaving here a link for the "make a doll" lovers. It's funny and a great way of filling time when we've got nothing to do haha

You're my best friend. I hate you.

Listening to: Yuki - Dramatic

Spitz - Hachimitsu

My favourite anime is called Honey and Clover. You all should watch it ^^ This is a deja vu. I'm sure I have already written this in here. Probably I have.

Yūta Takemoto, Takumi Mayama and Shinobu Morita are three young men who live in the same apartment complex and are students at an art college in Tokyo.

One day, one of the art professors, Shūji Hanamoto, introduces his cousin's daughter, Hagumi Hanamoto, who has come to live with him and is a first year at the art school. Upon introduction, Takemoto and Morita fall in love with her. Morita expresses his love for Hagu in ways that scare her, especially calling Hagu 'mousey' and constantly photographing her, while Takemoto hides his feelings and tries to be a friend to Hagu. Hagu herself, though initially timid and afraid of company, gradually warms up to the three.

The group also includes another female: Ayumi Yamada. She is a master of pottery, and is well known by her name "Tetsujin" (Iron Lady). When not at school or hanging out with friends from the college, she helps run the family liquor store. She is very popular with all the guys, whether they are from the shopping district the liquor store is in or the other male pottery students, but Mayama is the only man she is in love with.

Unfortunately, although Mayama considers Yamada a friend, he does not return Yamada's love and is busy chasing an older woman, Rika Harada. Rika runs an architecture studio which she used to run with her husband, Harada before he died in a car accident which also left Rika disabled. Rika Harada and Shūji were very close friends and roommates in college. Mayama is sent by Shūji to help Rika, who has a hard time taking care of herself and running her business.

The story follows these five characters in their love triangles, graduating from college, finding jobs, and learning more about themselves.

Go search for it on YouTube. You'll love it. It is addicting ^^ Trust me!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Today's an interesting day ain't it?? I think it is. Supposedly everyone should tell lies today, right? I haven't heard a single one... -.- That's quite boring. I remember being little and believing everything my mother would tell. That made me cry a few times. haha
It tells the story that many many years ago New Year's Eve was on the 25th of March and the celebrations would last 8 days, until the 1st of April. On that day, people would trick their neighbours, family and friends. It's kind of funny looking back at the past and knowing the reasons why we do some things, why we have some habits. It's all because of our ancestors.
Still, I wonder why we give chocolate eggs on Easter... I must do some research. ^^

Anyway, I hope you've had a good day. (n.n)v

Here's some "art" I did with a friend of mine, Abelha ^^ I know the quality is not that good. Gomenne u.u

I'm dying to live the last day at school... lol

My birthday's on the 6th of April! I'm getting older... That's quite bad. Well, but I'll still have dinner out on Saturday, at Gosho. It had to be on Saturday, a day before, because the restaurant is closed on Sunday. u.u I guess I'll have fun anyway, right? Yeah, right! (
Certo? Certíssimo!).

Listening: Star Industry - The Spirits Within

Monday, 31 March 2008

Today I decided to post some videos of one of my favourite Portuguese artists ^^
If you don't speak Portuguese, then you won't understand a single word of what he's saying but, if you still want to watch the videos, go ahead!! n.n He's pretty cool =^.^=

Eu sou de Arcozelo, só por acaso... (>.<)

Sunday, 23 March 2008

I like Asia a lot, mainly Japan but I like all the other countries too. I find Asian people really cute and adorable. But, honestly, Chinese are not that adorable these days. Have you heard about what happened in Tibet? Of course you have. This is unacceptable! Don't you think Tibet should be free? No country should be controlled by other governments which are not theirs. China should consider Tibet independent. They do not belong to them! And they want the new Lama to be Chinese!! That's just awful! I wish I could do something to stop the Chinese in some way. And thank God someone from the Ocident has taken action. I really was happy when I heard that the president of the European parliament said that steps would be taken for an European boycott to the games if the Chinese government refused to discuss the subject with Dalai Lama.
And to think that China is accusing Dalai Lama to be the responsible for the violence that everyone hears about and also to try to "damage" the Olympic games. That's nonsence!! I hope that, now that everyone has their eyes on Tibet's situation, independence will be given to Tibetans.

the panchen lama's chair remains empty awaiting for his return

your holliness dalai lama

peace. that's what we all wish for

one image is worth a thousand words



Photobucket Dalai Lama

Panchen Lama

I hope that the owners of the photos do not mind that I'm using them.